Jewellery Trends


Necklace Layering:

Necklace Layering has been a popular fashion trend over the past several years. It allows you to wear 2 or 3 of your favourite necklaces at the same time. It’s fun to pair a shorter necklace with a longer necklace. It’s also fun to experiment with layering a chunky necklace with a finer necklace. Whatever styles you choose, Necklace Layering provides a fun modern twist to accessorizing and gives you a different look every time.


Stackable Bracelets:

Bracelets have made a huge comeback over the past decade. Whether gemstone or pearl, dainty or chunky, bracelets are a great addition to your wardrobe. The Jewellery Industry has seen a huge trend toward Stackable Bracelets. Not only are Stackable Bracelets highly collectable but they allow you to add different styles and colours of bracelets to your jewellery wardrobe. Stacking different bracelets together adds a personal flair and gives a completely different look every single time. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, we have many Beautiful Stackable Bracelets to choose from. Collect, Stack & Enjoy!


Statement Earrings:

One of Rhonda’s favourite Jewellery Fashion Trends are Statement Earrings. If wearing all your favourite jewellery pieces at one time isn’t your style, Statement Earrings can do the trick. From casual to dressy or accessorizing a cocktail dress or gown, you will always look fantastically stylish when accessorized with Statement Earrings. Check out our Statement and Chandelier Earring Styles at Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design. After all, who doesn’t want to make a Statement!


Mixed Metal Jewellery:

The modern allure of Mixed Metal Jewellery is a design trend not to be missed. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, you will notice how Rhonda uses Mixed Metals like Sterling Silver, Black Oxidized Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Filled & Yellow Gold Filled in her Jewellery Designs. The use of Mixed Metals adds a modern and edgy look to our Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings.


Pendant Necklaces:

Pendant Necklaces have become a huge trend across the Jewellery Industry. Pendant Necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of Jewellery you will own because you can slide a Pendant off one chain length and onto a longer or shorter chain length to suit your wardrobe needs. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, we specialize in Wired Pendant Necklaces that are second to none in the Jewellery Industry. Rhonda’s Pendant Necklaces are wired with a variety of Gemstones or Pearls and various Mixed Metals. Many of our Wired Pendant Necklaces are also one of a kind and we offer different chain lengths to add to the versatility of these gorgeous Pendant Necklaces. Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Unique and Rock one of our Pendant Necklaces!


The Power of The Flower:

Flowers are a symbol of friendship, love, joy and celebration. Flower Themed Jewellery is a design favourite at Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design. Flower themed Necklaces and Earrings add a fun and flirty twist to accessorizing. Wearing Flower Themed  Jewellery is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and others every time you wear it!


Butterfly Beauties:

Butterflies symbolize beauty, grace, transformation, new beginnings and luck. Another favourite Jewellery Design trend at Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design are Butterflies. Rhonda intricately wires different Gemstones into her Beautiful Butterfly Necklaces. Be sure to wear a Butterfly Necklace and showcase your rare beauty just like the Butterfly !


Dragonfly Dreams:

Dragonflies symbolize transformation, prosperity and good luck. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, one of  Rhonda’s favourite design trends are Dragonflies wired with gemstones or mixed metals. Dare to wear a Dragonfly Necklace and soar to new heights!


Penchant for Pearls:

Pearls have been worn as Jewellery for millennia dating back to 2200 BC. Pearl Jewellery may evoke feelings of nostalgia as they are often given as special gifts or passed down from one generation to the next. Pearl Jewellery Design has also come a long way from the traditional antique style pearl jewellery that most of us are familiar with. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, Rhonda designs Jewellery with some of the Finest Fresh Water Pearls you will ever lay eyes on. While the classic white pearl is always a great wardrobe staple and wedding favourite, Rhonda also enjoys designing jewellery with many of the beautiful rare coloured pearls sourced from around the globe. Rhonda’s Modern Pearl Jewellery Designs take Pearls to the next level and have been a customer favourite for many years!


Gemstone Jewellery:

Gemstone Jewellery has been worn for centuries dating back to 4000 BC. Now that’s a Jewellery Design Trend! Gemstone Jewellery has become a Wardrobe Fashion Staple and has never been more popular or accessible than it is today. Gemstones are appreciated for their colour, beauty, value and special properties. No two Gemstones are ever exactly alike which is part of their allure. At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, you will see a large variety of Gemstones sourced from around the world incorporated into our Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings. Rhonda Loves Gemstones and she enjoys sharing them with you in her Unique One of a Kind Jewellery Designs!


Mix It Up: 

While you can never go wrong with a matching set, mixing and matching your Jewellery can provide a fun and modern twist to accessorizing. Jewellery pieces like Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings can be complimentary without being an exact design match. Complimentary Jewellery can incorporate the same type of Gemstone or the same colours of Gemstones without being an exact design match. Jewellery Designs combining mixed media like Gemstones, Pearls, Crystals and Sterling Silver can add the wow factor to your accessories. Have fun and experiment with mixing your Jewellery.

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