Go Long

When is comes to adding new Jewellery pieces to your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to “Go Long.” By this I mean add a Longer Necklace to your Jewellery Collection.

Longer Necklaces are extremely versatile. A necklace that is 38 inches or longer can be worn long for one look or doubled for a second look. Adding a pendant to a Longer Necklace gives it a third look. Doubling the chain with a pendant adds a fourth look. Why settle for one look when you can have the versatility of 4 different looks from one piece of Jewellery.

Longer Necklaces elongate your figure. No matter what height or body type you are, wearing a Longer Necklace will elongate your body making you look taller and slimmer. This is an added bonus of wearing a Longer Necklace and a not so well-kept secret of many jewellery fashionistas.

As seen in many fashion magazines, Longer Necklaces look great with many fashion trends. A Long Necklace worn with a sweater, turtleneck, top, tunic, blouse, dress, suit or jumpsuit can really add a wow factor to your ensemble.

At Rocks by Rhonda Lynn Jewellery Design, we have many Beautiful Long Chains and Necklaces to choose from. Many of our Long Chains and Necklaces are also 38 inches long for that added versatility of multiple looks. Why not give one a try!

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