Gemstone Properties

Over many centuries gemstones have not only been appreciated for their colour and beauty but also for their innate properties. Many ancients believed that gemstones held special properties that would enhance the life and well-being of the wearer.

Many Jewellery Customers have often remarked that they are attracted to a particular Gemstone but they don’t understand the reason why. I explain to my customers that it may not only be the beauty or colour of the gemstone but also the gemstone properties they are attracted to.

Below is a list of some popular gemstones and their ancient properties:


Amethyst – power, protection, spiritual wisdom, healing (overall).

Apatite – inspirational, creativity, intellect, power, healing (arthritis, joint problems, bones).

Aquamarine – magic, power, protection, healing (stomach, throat, liver, nerves).

Carnelian – energy, humour, power, healing (appetite, strength).

Chalcedony – power, love, generosity, healing (eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, circulatory system).

Chrysocolla – power, love, peace, wisdom, discretion, healing (throat, fever, detoxifies liver, burns, cramps, blood pressure).

Citrine – money, luck, protection, self esteem, joy, healing (digestive system, relieves depression, cleanses toxins).

Clear Quartz – magic, power, healing (overall).

Fire Agate – power, protection, security & safety, increased sex life, healing (stomach, nervous system, night vision, reduces hot flashes).

Garnet – luck, money, love, compassion, increased sex drive, healing (thyroid, spleen).

Hematite – love, protection, improved relationships, intuition, healing (iron absorption).

Iolite – love, power, creative expression, healing (eyes, memory, sleep).

Kyanite – psychic ability, telepathic communication, dreaming, meditation, healing (energy balance, stillness, tranquility).

Lapis Lazuli – love, protection, power, clarity, healing (overall).

Labradorite – power, imagination, intuition, enthusiasm, repels negativity.

Lemon Quartz – protection, money, luck, creativity, optimism, organization, healing, well-being.

Moonstone – love, power, luck, intuition, inspiration, healing (pineal gland, balance to internal hormone cycles).

Morganite – love, abundance, joy, inner strength, healing (stress, asthma, heart problems, impotence, lung).

Blue Opal – love, money, luck, courage, healing (overall).

Pink Opal – love, power, good luck, hope, peace, tranquility, compassion, healing (emotions).

Pearl – prosperity, success, calming, focus, wisdom, spiritual transformation, healing (stomach, digestion, emotional).

Peridot – protection, money, lightness, beauty, healing (protects from negative emotions, gall bladder, liver).

Rose Quartz – attracts love, enhances love life, youthfulness, self-worth, healing (rejuvenates skin).

Gold Rutilated Quartz – love, power, energy, healing (respiratory, cell regeneration, heart).

Sardonyx – protection, strength, money, love, happiness, friends, good fortune, healing (stamina, fertility).

Smokey Quartz – power, money, organizational skills, creativity, healing (depression).

Sodolite – power, luck, inner peace & harmony, endurance, healing (thyroid, weight loss).

Tourmalinated Quartz – huge luck, healing (overall).

Turquoise – luck, love, protection, healing (rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, viral infections, pain, cramps, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying).

Watermelon Tourmaline – love, power, healing (overall).

Rocks by Rhonda Lynn: Retail