Storage & Cleaning of Sterling Silver Jewellery


Sterling Silver Jewellery is best stored in a new clean sealable plastic baggie or a clean covered jewellery box. This will help to slow down the tarnishing process and keep the Sterling Silver bright and shiny.

All of my Jewellery Designs come packaged in a Jewellery Box with anti-tarnish cotton as an added bonus.

Proper storage of your Jewellery will keep it beautiful for many years to come!


On occasion you may want to clean your Sterling Silver Jewellery to take away tarnish and brighten up the silver.

There is a product on the market that works well for cleaning Sterling Silver Jewellery called “Hagerty Instant Silver Clean”. This product is very effective but also very strong. Please follow the directions on the silver cleaning product carefully otherwise you can damage your silver along with any pearls and gemstones. Some Gemstones and Pearls are not suitable for dipping in the silver cleaner. Your Jewellery must be rinsed well with water after cleaning and lay flat to dry before storing away.

Cleaning your jewellery is at your own risk. Follow the directions carefully. Jewellery damaged by cleaning products will not be replaced. When in doubt consult a Jeweler and/or have your Jewellery professionally cleaned.


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